What is the perfect grind?

Coffee lovers will have a different answer to this question.

The second most asked question we get from property managers - after “Can you help us with our building?” -  is “What’s with the name HARLING?” 

So what do you think the name means?

What can a tube attached to a wall tell you about your building?


This is a Rilem Tube, it’s used to test how well your masonry facade can repel water, and can test either the brick/masonry part or the mortar joints. 

By simply attaching this to your façade, it can simulate weather conditions up to 98mph wind driven rain!  

Why is this important?

This is a funny-looking wall!

A Property Manager called us for help with a building they recently acquired.

The masonry company used by the previous Property Manager is now out of business.

The left side is the original building, the right side is the repaired area.

What is the white substance found on this wall?  

Graffiti? Faded paint? Efflorescence?

If it was efflorescence, it would be an easy fix. (One we’ll tell you about later)