The second most asked question we get from property managers - after “Can you help us with our building?” -  is “What’s with the name HARLING?” 

So what do you think the name means?

 The last name of the owner? A mythical creature? The name of a family pet? 

 Back when they were building large castles in the United Kingdom, the term ‘Harling’ came from the action of hurling wet mortar at a wall.

Now over in Scotland, Lime Harling was a thrown, cast-on finish made from slaked lime & course aggregate mortar. It was the most common type of surface finish found in Scotland on masonry buildings of solid wall construction….like large castles!

Our owner named the company Harling to pay tribute to the origins of some amazing masonry work.  Back when quality meant something!

We are also one of the few companies who understand & know how to handle lime mortar.

What’s in a name? To everyone at Harling, Inc., it’s a daily reminder of the importance of quality. Not only in the craftsmanship of our work, but in the quality of how we serve our customers. 

We treat your castle, like it’s our castle.


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