What is the white substance found on this wall?  

Graffiti? Faded paint? Efflorescence?

If it was efflorescence, it would be an easy fix. (One we’ll tell you about later)

Upon closer inspection, this is a case of De-bonded Masonry Water Repellent.  Think back to when you would try to pry open a drivers license then put it back.  The license would look cloudy. 

Unfortunately, what you see occurred many years after it was incorrectly applied, and now has become an eyesore.  The property manager asked us to give them a solution.  

The bottom of the wall shows where this was removed before a new application of water repellent is correctly applied.  

As a Property Manager or Building Engineer, whenever you aren’t sure about what you’re seeing on your building, reach out to the masonry experts at  Harling, Inc. Masonry Restoration.  We will treat your building, like it’s our building. 

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