What can a tube attached to a wall tell you about your building?


This is a Rilem Tube, it’s used to test how well your masonry facade can repel water, and can test either the brick/masonry part or the mortar joints. 

By simply attaching this to your façade, it can simulate weather conditions up to 98mph wind driven rain!  

Why is this important?

The Rilem Tube is an inexpensive, fast and nondestructive way to see if your building is taking on water, without hassle and huge expense. This will tell you if your current waterproofing strategy is working or needs to be re-applied. 


With the recent heavy rains, we’ve had many property managers concerned about the waterproofing on their buildings. A Rilem Tube Test is a great solution before you go through the expense of waterproofing a building.  


Learn more today about how a Rilem Tube Test is an economical option for your masonry façade needs.

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