This is a funny-looking wall!

A Property Manager called us for help with a building they recently acquired.

The masonry company used by the previous Property Manager is now out of business.

The left side is the original building, the right side is the repaired area.



Here are just some of the issues with this wall:

The color of the brick doesn’t match. The color of the mortar doesn’t match.

The size of the brick isn’t the same. The workmanship is sloppy.

Somebody just didn’t care about the Quality of their work!


The difference between a job done and a job done right?


Quality isn’t a platitude, it’s one of the main pillars of our company.

(Safety, Quality, Integrity, Customer Service)

Harling, Inc. Masonry Restoration.

We will treat your building, like it’s our building.

(And we would NEVER treat your building this way!)