On a previous Masonry Minute we learned about de-bonded water repellant which only LOOKS like Efflorescence.

So what exactly is Efflorescence?

It’s NOT what happens when you “Plop-Plop Fizz-Fizz” medicine into water for a headache…That’s Effervescence.

Efflorescence is a whitish crystalline deposit found on surfaces of masonry or concrete. These crystals are formed when water carries salt and other minerals through the walls of your building and deposits them to the surface. Salt-bearing water reaches the surface of a structure and is evaporated, leaving behind a salt deposit. Not only can it detract from the look of your building, it’s a good indication there is water infiltrating your façade.

What seems harmless is actually a helpful indicator your building needs professional attention.

When you see Efflorescence on your walls, reach out to the masonry experts at Harling, Inc. Masonry Restoration

(Oh What a Relief It Is!)

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