Maintain your Property with Commercial Tuckpointing

Cracks and deteriorated bricks in a building’s structure is a common problem. This can end up making your property look dilapidated and old, hurting its value. Cracks in the masonry can also cause significant structural issues, creating serious problems down the road. Even a small 1/16th inch crack can allow water to penetrate throughout an entire wall.

Your property can quickly become an eyesore. 

As the mortar crumbles, it leaves gaps between the bricks which allows moisture into your building. Over time, the bricks or stones around the damaged mortar joints will begin to deteriorate. The interior walls, and even the structure of your building can become damaged, leaving you with much larger and more expensive problems, including mold.

Tuckpointing is a specialized skill, and it is easy to do it incorrectly. If the job is done without the precision it requires, it might actually damage your bricks and your building, costing you more time and money. You need a tuckpointing specialist if you want a mortar repair that will last. Tuckpointing allows your masonry to blend your repaired bricks with adjacent masonry, making your building’s exterior look seamless and beautiful. At Harling Masonry Restoration, our team takes pride in making sure the right steps are taken to properly finish all tuckpointed masonry joints to assure a quality finished product!

Why Choose Harling Masonry Restoration for your Commercial Tuckpointing needs?

Harling Masonry Restoration knows how to tuckpoint with expert precision and care. Our skilled craftsmen will use their carefully selected tools and materials, expert techniques and years of experience to properly match the color, consistency and joint profile of your existing mortar. You will get the exceptional quality and peace of mind you deserve.

Contact us today for a free assessment of your building to determine if Commercial Tuckpointing is needed.